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Webinar – The Velvet Hammer: Undue Influence Based on Deceit, Fraud, and Relationship Poisoning and a Financial Institution’s Duty To Detect and Report Financial Exploitation (March 15, 10:00 am CST)

With the great transfer of wealth from the baby boomer generation, elder abuse and financial exploitation is a very timely and important topic. Undue influence often arises out of seemingly kind individuals who ingratiate themselves to an elderly person, inserting themselves between the person and relatives, and obtaining the person’s bounty due to deceit. This… Continue Reading

Recorded Webinar – Fiduciary Litigation Update: 2017-2018

David F. Johnson, lead writer for the Texas Fiduciary Litigator blog, discusses interesting fiduciary issues that Texas courts have discussed during the survey period of mid-2017 through mid-2018. Some of the issues covered are the tort of intentional interference with inheritance rights, the enforcement of arbitration and forum-selection clauses in trusts and wills, the enforcement of exculpatory… Continue Reading